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Lovely Things

These things are lovely. They make me happy.

  1. Snow.
  2. Chinese takeout containers.
  3. Snuggling up in C’s shoulder.
  4. Rolling over to the warm part of the bed left by C when he gets up to go to work and sleeping some more.
  5. The smell of pool wafting out the back of the aquatic centre on my way to class from the bus.
  6. Sitting with a cup of something warm and reading a favourite magazine (esp. domino).
  7. Chocolate milkshakes that comes with extras in the metal mixing cup.
  8. Budding magnolia flowers in the spring.
  9. Artigiano‘s grande latte and lemon ricotta muffin.
  10. Peak Freans’ assorted cream biscuits (especially the ones with the jam centres) – they remind me of my granny who always has a box in her cupboard.
  11. Rubbing Teva’s soft velvety ears.
  12. Bus trivia with John – applaud for the right answer and try not to smile.
  13. Hammocks.
  14. Clotheslines.
  15. Eating breakfast outside in the sunshine.
  16. Sundresses.
  17. Thunder storms on a hot summer evening.
  18. Shucking corn over the fence at the farms while the cows wandered over to eat it.
  19. Homemade blackberry jam from friends.
  20. Silver Springs with friends
  21. Coming home to find C in black pants and no shirt a la Dirty Dancing…swoon.
  22. Grandpa’s hugs.
  23. British children – love the accent.
  24. Driving along the foothills highway singing out loud to Light My Fire by The Doors with mum.
  25. Bookstores.
  26. Drive-in movie dates.
  27. Dirty Dancing.
  28. Crisp autumn mornings.
  29. A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  30. C’s ability to find secret pathways and pretty little routes top make everyday walks just a bit special.
  31. Sleeping with the window open.

(i love the idea of listing all the lovely things in life. It makes me a bit more aware, grateful and happy. Thanks source of winsome for re-inspiring me to list.)

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