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life: housekeeping

April 25, 2011

My mum always said the best thing she ever did was hire a cleaning lady. Wilma would come every Friday. Thursday nights were a flurry of tidying (while my dad shook his head at the ridiculousness of cleaning prior to her arrival). I still remember the smell of pinesol and lemon as you walked in the door after school on friday – everything was so clean!

Finally, I got my own cleaning lady. Unfortunately she only comes once a month. So taking a page from Sherbet Blossom, here is a weekly cleaning list which I will aim to follow (though realistically I will probably be lucky to do each thing once or twice in between Talia’s visits!). I particulary love the idea of preparing and reviewing your to do list at the start and finish of each day.


– empty dishwasher

– review calendar + to do list


– load dishwasher

– prepare lunch

-review calendar + to do list

Throughout the Week:

 -vacuum & dust

– mop floors

– wipe down doors

– clean bathroom (vanity/toilet/shower)

– clean out fridge / freezer

– clean kitchen (floors/surfaces/cupboards)

– clean office (bookshelves/shoes/floor)

-clean bedroom

-clean living room


– meal plan

– grocery shop

– laundry

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