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see: save a word

November 21, 2010

I must be on a bit of a word kick lately… I came across this site this morning and I couldn’t resist. The Oxford English Dictionary is one of my favourite things. I remember baby-sitting for my old English teacher and now friend who had a condensed version of the OED. After I had put the kids to bed, I would pull down one of the four volumes from the shelf and lay it out on the coffee table. Weilding the magnifying glass that accompanied the set, I flipped open the tissue-thin pages and would scroll through the words, particularly entranced by the history of each of the words.

The Save the Words project encourage people to adopt a word that “once led a meaningful life, but now lies unused, unloved and unwanted.” Adopters promise to “use the word, in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible to the very best of my ability.”

I adopted: REDAMANCY (n. act of loving in return)


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