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celebrate: throw a card party

March 29, 2010

Wouldn’t you just love this for your birthday or any special occasion? A Card Party!!

from the beautiful project

Such a lovely idea from shelterrific:

I’ve had a thing for snail mail ever since my days at summer camp. We lived and died by mail time, and to this day I’m still excited to see what lies in wait in my mailbox. Magazine subscription? Don’t mind if I do! Dentist Reminder? Thanks for thinking of me! Electric bill? I’ll pay it, eventually! But a hand-written note is to a mailbox what blue sea glass is to a beach: a rare, special keepsake. (Especially as both mailboxes and beaches seem to be filled with trash these days.) That’s why I love the idea of this “card party” that a friend from camp threw for her husband’s 50th birthday:

A few weeks before his birthday, she emailed a big list of her husband’s loved ones and asked them to drop a note in the mail wishing him a happy birthday or recounting a memory that would make him laugh. I sent a card, and it was just one of the many that poured in daily for him in the week leading up to his birthday. Emails and Facebook reminders be damned — this year, I want to be the life of someone’s card party! –Sarah C.

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